some cute korrasami at the beach, as requested by an anon!


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Wolfbats chillin’ in the swamp. Also, stop messing with the catgator Ming it’s freaking Shaozu out.

Almost forgot to mention, I shamelessly stole the idea for this from some post quillery made. And then I kind of ran from there.

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Poor pokerfaces run in the family

“Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“Oh, I was smiling?”

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Avatar Aang. 

I finally managed to finish this. I got a little too excited. Maybe. 

Lost the ability to can. 

I swore I had pants on a second ago.

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I can’t be the only one thinking it. There are many Korra-Pocahontas parallels and the armband and dress/sash similarities are just a few. Oh and Pocahontas didn’t end up with John Smith in the end and if Mako is John Smith… this implies TAHNORRA!




coming this fall to MTV

stawp being flawless


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Can someone make a gif of this???

  • Korra:Hey, even after the very conclusive finale, I still have a question: Noatok, why are you suddenly white????
  • Bolin:KORRA! You can't ask people why they're white!
  • Tahno:....yeah, what he said.
  • maybe he's been behind the mask and the shadows for too long, when that happens a person can actually lose pigment in their skin which is what gives your skin color. makeup maybe. I'm wondering how come he had blue eyes this whole time when we've seen amon mask screenshots, in which most of them he has brown or yellow eyes.
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    I don’t really ship this, but hey, if you do I don’t want you missing out. xD

    Wishes for season 2. Iroh, Bosami, Makorra, and GODDAMNED TAHNO.

    Plus a couple other things I’m probably forgetting right now, aha~.

    That FINALE *o* holy crap my feels. SO MANY. WHY. I CAN’T.

    edit: oh yeah and I made this but feel free to use anywhere you wish. xD


    The more I stare at this, the more I feel like I didn’t make this and that this is actually part of the show. ._.

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